Baby Footies– Nailed It!


I went to my darling friend Sydney’s baby shower last weekend, and by far the best gift she was given were handmade baby shoes. Her sister-in-law, who is clearly craftier than I, gave her three pairs of adorable footies. I went onto Pinterest and found several DIYs for baby shoes. Now I feel like I should justify myself, I have never sewed anything but accessories and pillow cases before attempting these shoes. (I am a hot glue kind of girl). I spent the first twenty minutes trying to get my sister’s machine threaded correctly. After assembling the machine you will be sailing smooth with these shoes.

I would change step six in this tutorial. The directions say to let the right side of the zigzag go off the edge to give a rolled effect. The problem I found was that by doing this my shoes had holes around the soles. Also, I think adding some sort of embellishment is a must for these shoes. Otherwise they would be very plain. I debated between beads/buttons, rosettes, petal flowers, and finally decided on a big bow to hide a more of the shoe! I am posting this because throughout the next couple of months I am going to try these again, and I will post the improved products as part of this post.

So without further ado you can find the original tutorial here!

Post Script:

Have you ever looked at all of the Pinterest fails? It’s a riot!