My Readers

I am writing to women who love beautiful details. Most people don’t care or notice an extra layer in a skirt, a box pleat, or the difference a button can make. Most people don’t take a lot of care when decorating a playroom. My ideal reader is obsessed with the details. She is willing to pay a little extra for her fancy style. Or if she can’t afford to pay extra she spends time researching the products she wants and makes them herself. My ideal reader has a great eye for fabrics and ingredients. I admire creative moms who spend time thinking about how they can teach their kids to be respectful, kind, creative, and smart. We are the greatest networking system for learning how to raise confident and happy children. I want have a space where I can meet other moms who have ideas of fun summer activities, fun hairstyles, homemade dress-ups, birthday party ideas, and where I can find the most stunning clothes and toys. I also want to connect with moms and wives who are trying to make healthy dinners for their families. Women who will read this blog are trying to help others and bless the lives of their families. I want to facilitate a space where brilliant ideas from diligent mothers can be shared and built upon.