5 Reasons to Love Joyfolie

Amelie brown (2)

5. I adore Joyfolie! I I love that it is a company started by a mom who was trying to help her family save a little extra money by making shoes for her daughters. After friends and family started asking to buy them she started Joyfolie. Now she owns a super successful business that empowers little girls to feel happy and beautiful. I am in love with the Brown Amelie Shoes.  They go with everything and are perfect for family pictures.

Stella 1 fix (2)

4. I have been looking for T-strap shoes for the last year. Any ideas where I can get very nice T-strap shoes for me? I love the deep color of these! They would match Persnickety’s new Blue Corset Dress perfectly or the Goldenrod Ruffles Dress from Chasing Fireflies.

Chloe black sm (2)

3. These is fassy footwear! I love the gold zipper up the back. Another reason I love Joyfolie is that their products have such high sell back value. You have to think about it as an investment, and it is so worth it!

Leighton fx (2)

2. The Leighton is a truly classic statement boot. I have seen these used in several photo-shoots recently.  Again it amazes me what women can accomplish. These beautiful shoes were once handmade and she has kept that same high quality standard throughout the years.

Dani 1 (2)

1. Finally one for the mothers! I love the cut of the Dani boots and the extra colors and textures added in. It is these types of details that most companies overlook, but that make a huge difference. Sometimes we just don’t realize how much better a piece would be if it had an additional buckle or heel.

What are you top shoes for your girls and for yourself this season?