Upscale Children’s Clothing: Why It’s Worth It

I love Joyfolie, Persnickety, Foxpaws, and all of the boutiques that carry them. All of these companies focus on producing high quality products, place huge emphasis on feminine details, and are made to feel soft and comfortable so that kids actually want to wear them. I love that so many of the companies in this niche give back to the community through buy-one-give-one programs. I also love the incredible class that each piece carries. For the designers  and families who purchase these products creativity is paramount. All of their missions focus on empowering little girls through creativity and kindness. This is reflected in the entire buying experience. The packages are sent beautifully packages. If we have any flaws in the products they are usually resolved quickly. There is such a sense of community between families who purchase these brands. We have seen each other on the fan boards, at sales events, or at local service events. Although, like all large crazy families, we sometimes have moments of crisis and hurt feelings I love the kindness that is shared between these families. I love to see the owners of these companies, who are just regular moms, succeed. It is so empowering to see women who were at one time trying to help their families save money by making their own clothes or shoes accomplish so much.


Who are companies you support and why?