Caramel Apples


I have been craving caramelized apples this week. I went to the Doll House event last weekend; someone had a beautiful display of them. With chocolate, candy-bar, Oreo, and white chocolate with cinnamon sugar. I was dying, but I didn’t have any cash. I have been waiting all week for Saturday so that I could finally make these.  My little sister got this recipe from a lady in our church, and we go crazy for it! We love it because we don’t have to use a candy thermometer.

Helpful hints: After you dip the apples in the caramel scrape the bottom of the apple with a knife so that the caramel doesn’t pool at the bottom. For toppings you can uses anything from cinnamon sugar, mini m&ms, blended Oreo cookies, or blended candy bars. Once our caramel gets too low to cover the apples we like to dip Oreos in the caramel and then into chocolate. Soooo good!

Caramel Recipe

1 cube butter

1 cup of karo syrup

2 cups of brown sugar

1 cup of sweetened condensed milk

combine ingredients in  large pan and cook on medium high for 20-25 minutes stirring constantly. Don’t under cook or the caramel will be too runny. But don’t cook longer than 30 minutes because it will make the caramel too hard.