Persnickety Holiday


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Persnickety’s Holiday line is going to be released in two weeks and I am so excited! Last year was adorable and playful, but also very Dr. Sues. This year has one of the most classic dresses I’ve ever seen, a neutral dress that will stay in style forever, and a couple of the creative appliques that Persnickety is known for. I love the china pattern blue that has popped up too!

The Loralei Dress has already sold out at most boutiques and there are only limited quantities on their site available. You better be ready!

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I love this dress! I think it embodies the playfulness and magic of being a child. It is not too grown up. It is really meant just for little girls.

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This is a dress I would wear. Seriously I wanted to buy it in a twelve, but I’m afraid it would be a little too short.

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Something blue. I am not usually a fan of large blocks of red or green during Christmas. It has been done for the last 200 years, so I was a huge fan wen I saw bits of blue in this years holiday line.

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What other brands are you buying for the holidays this year?