Too Cute to Spooke

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I love this costume! Owls are quintessential for Halloween.  This site breaks it down into a super easy three step process. The sewing is pretty simple (straight lines). She also has a template for the mask.

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I love tutu costumes because they are so easy! I spent 6 hours last fall making 6 tutus for my kids costumes. (Bell, a witch, an 80s girl and two tutus for the dogs.) I for one tutu I use about one yard of tulle and cut it into two inch pieces.

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I am 100% in love with this! Again tutus are so easy! You can get pink tulle from any fabric store.


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I remember watching raggedy Ann at my grandma’s and playing with the raggedy Anne and Andy dolls she had. This is so nostalgic for me.

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And if you don’t like it for a baby try it as the mommy! I think this is so electric.

What are your favorite kids dressing up as this year?