Work With the Company of Your Dreams

Many of the companies that I have mentioned are small growing businesses, so there are job openings if you have business experience, or understanding of production and design. Photographers can contact the advertising departments with their portfolios. I know many companies stay in state to do their photoshoots. If you are a photographer working in another state they may be happy to work with you. Catalogs and samples have to be made almost six months in advance if there is still snow on the ground in the state where the product is made they may want to have a photographer in Florida, or anywhere sunny do an entire shoot. Companies also need hairdressers available for all of the shoots they do throughout the year that understand the company’s style.

However, most available jobs lie in advertising for these companies. Blogging and writing reviews on products can get us free products, but it is rather rare for companies to send product to bloggers. If they do send product it is usually product that they are heavy in, because it is unpopular, and are planning to place on sale. I think the best way to actually make a career out a love for fancy, delicate, girly clothes is to write an awesome blog and get paid for the advertisements. How much money you get paid depends on how many people view and subscribe to your blog. Some tips that I hope to implement are to make a list of people whose blogs I consider similar to mine. Then I want to look at who advertises on their blogs. I want to always have control over the ads on my blog, so I don’t think I will want to use Google AdWords. I would prefer to personally choose all of the advertisements. As I said the more followers, subscribers, and clicks that you have on your page the more you will get paid for your advertisements.  For more advice on how to get paid for blogging check out this interview from the author of Simple Living Media and this post from Six Sisters Stuff.