Dollcake Glamour

Dollcake Can Can Parasol


Dollcake fabrics are simply devine. They are made out of a glamorous buttery fabric. This is the Can Can Parasol Frock and is absolutely perfect for weddings, family pictures, and parties.  I love the belt that comes with this and do feel that the dress is incomplete without it. I am guessing that the flower is handmade (hot-glue) and so cannot go in the washer. I have also seen this paried with a flowered pin by the top strap. I love the vintage inspired ivorys and creams, but do have to say that only producing clothes in these colors is a little disappointing. These designers are clearly inspired and I would love to see some sea-foam, corals, and yellows in the spring line. Or deep plums and golds in fall.


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This is a past season Twirl Me Dress that Dollcake still has available in a few sizes. I love the details and care that was taken in the design of this. Even though the dress is made of ivory and creams there is still so much depth. I love this for photos. How cute would it be to have your little girl in this light colored dress in pictures with a bright cake and wrapping paper?

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