Meet KPea

Woodlands Bailey Dress 1393818_917016624382_236922073_n_1024x1024 (2)

Fall season clothes are starting to go on sale my friends! Holiday is out and in some cases all ready sold out! I recently saw a post on one of the boards from a lady selling Matilda Jane, Persnickety, and Joyfolie. I was looking through her photo album and saw an adorable dress that I a) didn’t recognize and b) had never heard of the brand. You may have heard of KPea before, but they are pretty new so for anyone who hasn’t meet the Woodlands Bailey Dress. I feel like this is such a refreshing playful dress. I am all for classy coture vintage kids clothes, but every once in a while I like to see clothes that were meant to capture the childness of being a kid. I love KPea’s description of their clothes, “We design up each piece with dreams and ideas dancing through our heads of what a little girl may feel or dream about while wearing it!”

Misletoe Sabrina

I really am in love with this fabric combination on the Mistletoe Toe Sabrina Dress and I know so many moms who are looking for clothes that they can coordinate with their baby’s clothes. I think this mom’s outfit looks comfy and stylish. I am sold! This company is only three years old and so is still quite small. I remember a few other stores at this stage–look how huge they are now. I am excited to see what these designers turn out over the next few years.

So tell me who else do I need to meet? Who is your favorite small company?

**Note that I do not own these photos**