Mommy Daughter Dates


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Park Date: We had a few parks we loved! There is a giant wooden park, a three story park, and then the arts center (which is not really a park, but the kids loved to go there and play).

Pedicures: My four year old loved to paint nails, often to keep her entertained I would let her paint my toes while I worked with one of the other kids on homework. Mix up the regular nail polish with some glitter toes. My girls loved this! We took whatever base color they wanted and then topped it with some glitter that I got at Hobby Lobby.

Pottery: This is one from my past. I remember my mom taking my little sister and I to Color Me Mine or something like that and letting us choose something to paint. I chose a candy dish and gave it to my Grandma Ilene. I worked so hard on that little rose candy dish! As a side note Shonte’ made a hat candy dish for my dad and he still has it at his office! Best Dad ever!

Tour a candy factory. This may not be possible for everyone, but the general idea is the same. We have a candy factory called the Peppermint Place that I have always wanted to take the kids to, but this one is still on our bucket list. They get to see how the candy is made and then of course get to try a few pieces.

Grandma Date Night: It is awesome when kids get to spend some one-on-one time with Grandma and Grandpa. One of the families I nannied for had the best tradition of letting their kids spend a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa after their birthday week. They all loved and looked forward to it!

We love to read! So for us going to the bookstore and picking out a new book is really exciting. You can also skip the bookstore and go to the library and pick out a whole stack of books to read.

Movie and popcorn. Let your baby pick out a movie to watch, whatever it is, and then tell her what good taste she has and how excited you are to watch her movie.

Find a local horse ranch and spend a few hours riding horses. Little girls are mesmerized by horses, I know I was. It is so fun to see how amazed they are by these giant animals.

Bike Ride: We loved to be outside! During the spring we would ride around and look at the neighbor’s tulips and during the fall we loved to see all of the Halloween decorations. I do have to admit sometimes riding bikes with small kids is more of a chore than a recreation, sometimes Livvy would go so slow I couldn’t even pedal long enough to keep the bike stable. Maybe this should be titled Bike/Walk. But I think it is so important to set an example for your kids to be active.

Play dough: This is one of my go tos when I have a lot of cleaning to get done and need to keep the kids entertained. They absolutely love it when I actually sit down and help them though. We could spend a couple of hours working on a play dough water park or school. One way to mix up the play dough routine that my kids loved is to make edible play dough. They would seriously hide this from me so I wouldn’t throw it away (it gets rancid). Before the stink sets in though this stuff is great! Here is the recipe that I use.

What is your favorite mommy daughter date with your mom? What do you think your daughter’s favorite date with you would be?