How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest-The-Facts-Web-Infographic (2)

1. Know your target market. If you need to begin with the end in mind. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero wrote a fantastic book on social media where she says, “Instead of spending the majority of your time crafting HOW you are going to sell your audience with offer, focus on finding out WHO the heck you’re talking to.” One way I have found out more about my target market is to look at who is following me on Pinterest. I have made an Excel document that charts the top five boards that my followers pin to. Now I know the top five topic I should be focusing on each week.

2. Follow your followers. Start now! Once you do this your feed will start to fill up with everything that your target market is interested in. If you are selling a product look at what your customers are pinning and sculpt your marketing campaign around that. The more you can engage and interact with your customers the better. Take an interest in what interests them. Don’t forget to follow people who are following your competitors.

3. Use your Pinterest metrics to find out what your most repinned post has been. This will give you prompt ideas for those days when you are not feeling so inspired.

4. Use keywords from your blog as titles for your boards. Use all of the description space you have available and fill them with rich keywords that would show up if someone were searching for you or your product.

5. Remember the 1:5 Ratio. Try to pin content that is original to you one out of five times. This is going to require a lot of work on your end, but too many people fill their boards with pins that guide the target away from their own blog and onto a competitor’s.