Posh Shoes

coco-chestnut-womens-fall-2013-5 (2)

I am madly in love with Livie & Luca’s designs. I love how much detail and care has been taken in these shoes. When you look at them you can tell that they were meant to be functional and feminine. Look at the laces that is one of the best ways to tell how much care went into your shoes. Designers who care about their brand and image make every single detail beautiful.

Here are my top 5 Livie & Luca fall shoes:


stitcher-boot-vintage-brown-fall-2013-4 (2)

This is the Stitcher Boot a comfy cute shoe that your daughter will actually wear. I like the fantastic pop of color and floral print alongside this neutral leather.


baby-dolly-toffee-fall-2013-4 (2)


This is the Dolly Toffee shoe. How cute would these look with Persnickety’s Patchwork dress? Really they would be perfect with anything from the Mossy Woods collection that is on sale right now. The burgundy bow and buttery looking leather look absolutely gorgeous.


baby-london-red-fall-2013-4 (2)


I like that on all of Livie and Luca’s shoes you can see the stitching. It adds a vintage level and makes me think of the fable of the shoe maker and the elves that hand sewed all of his shoes. These darlings are called the London Boot.


yhst-53052459012053_2272_67563523 (2)


I know that birds are a well worked phase right now, but I thought these were cute especially for babies. What do you think though? I love the little buttons. Are they too trendy? Maybe in a different color?




LOOK AT THE BUTTONS. These boots are stylish and classy. I want to pair these with the Pepper Jacket from Persnickety; it would be the perfect military inspired combination. Again I love the stitching that you can see that makes each boot look handmade. I feel like these shoes are dressy enough that you could wear them to a Christmas party, but also comfy enough that your baby could wear them to the movies. If I could get only one pair of winter boots these would be them (they are also part of Livie &l Luca’s womens line!

Where do you find your favorite kid shoes? What do you love most about Livie & Luca?

***I don’t own these photos. Check out Livie & Luca here