Work With the Company of Your Dreams

Many of the companies that I have mentioned are small growing businesses, so there are job openings if you have business experience, or understanding of production and design. Photographers can contact the advertising… Continue reading

Too Cute to Spooke

I love this costume! Owls are quintessential for Halloween.  This site breaks it down into a super easy three step process. The sewing is pretty simple (straight lines). She also has a template… Continue reading

Persnickety Holiday

  Persnickety’s Holiday line is going to be released in two weeks and I am so excited! Last year was adorable and playful, but also very Dr. Sues. This year has one of… Continue reading

Happy Halloween

I live in an apartment with a ton of very crafty women. I swear every holiday everyone has up adorable wreaths and window decorations.  They must have worn off on me because I… Continue reading

Beer Bread

This is one of our favorite family recipes. We love it because of the crust! Its salty,  sweet, and only 4 ingredients.  Everyone I know who has every tried this bread has asked… Continue reading

Caramel Apples

I have been craving caramelized apples this week. I went to the Doll House event last weekend; someone had a beautiful display of them. With chocolate, candy-bar, Oreo, and white chocolate with cinnamon… Continue reading

Upscale Children’s Clothing: Why It’s Worth It

I love Joyfolie, Persnickety, Foxpaws, and all of the boutiques that carry them. All of these companies focus on producing high quality products, place huge emphasis on feminine details, and are made to… Continue reading

Etsy Treasures

Prices on name brand headbands are getting steep. $50.00 for a headband? I have been looking through Etsy to find less expensive, but still very cute headbands. Right now everyone with a glue… Continue reading

Yummiest Ever Pumpkin Muffins

  Snow has landed in Utah. Fall is finally here and now I’m worried we are going to miss it and move right into winter. Oh well, I guess I better enjoy it… Continue reading

5 Reasons to Love Joyfolie

5. I adore Joyfolie! I I love that it is a company started by a mom who was trying to help her family save a little extra money by making shoes for her daughters.… Continue reading